gtk-im-extra [project page]

gtk-im-extra is a collection of third party GTK+ input method modules.


Many GTK+ input methods are fairly simple; they don’t do much more than compose characters from sequences of keystrokes. Such input methods, of which there are several examples in GTK+ itself, are usually contained in a single source file a few hundred lines in length. It’s a lot of overhead for the programmer and the user to have to deal with a separate package for every such third party module. gtk-im-extra is a clearinghouse for anybody who doesn’t want to go to the trouble of packaging his or her own module. (Note that you are welcome to ask me to include your input module even if it isn’t particularly simple.)


There have been no releases of gtk-im-extra yet. You can check out the source from cvs:

cvs co gtk-im-extra

You can also browse the source with viewcvs.

the input methods


There usually isn’t all that much to see when it comes to input methods, but if you're not sure what an input method is, maybe these will give you an idea.

input method shot 1 input method shot 2

info for input method authors

Email me (Noah Levitt <nlevitt аt>) if you have an input method to include in gtk-im-extra.

maintenance and cvs access

My preference will be to give you cvs commit access so that you can maintain your module yourself. If you would rather pass off maintenance to me, that’s ok too.


It’s not a strict requirement for inclusion in gtk-im-extra, but I strongly encourage you to LGPL your input modules, to ease inclusion in GTK+ if that becomes a possibility.

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